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A slice of half-birthday cake?

As I take a brief breath to recognize this slice of life, I find myself in the midst of a grand mess. I am supposedly celebrating my blog's third half-birthday while recovering terribly from a tonsillectomy while boldly taking full-time university credits while blindly yet daringly being a super single mom to four children while "patiently" continuing to wrap up an allegedly already decided divorce. To me, that just sounds like way too much going on for one person. And yet, here I am doing it. Actually, it doesn't sound quite so bad written in such a neat little package, but trust me--there are some seriously bad days. Like last week, for instance.

I have been slicing every single Tuesday for over a year. I'm pretty sure it will be two years in January. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. Well, it would have been almost two years straight if I hadn't forgotten last week. I spent last Tuesday struggling to juggle my heavy load of coursework, kids, and preparations for surgery. I was so busy that I hadn't even thought of writing my slice at all--until 1 a.m. technically on Wednesday morning. I felt a twinge of disappointment because I had set a goal for myself to always take time to slice, but my pure exhaustion overcame me, and won. I don't feel too badly about it a week later, but it did highlight my limitations for me: no one can do everything, especially not all at once. And I am decidedly okay with that.

So anyways, I did mention a certain blog's half-birthday celebration happening right now. It has been going on since Friday the 13th and will continue adding new things throughout this week, with all the giveaways closing this Sunday night. There are books and treats and even a healing crystal for this half-birthday bash's party gifts, so I hope you will take a minute to celebrate this occasion with me and enter to win some lovely things.

The party thus far:

Third Annual Half-Birthday Bash

Blackmoore Review and Giveaway

Cragbridge Hall: The Inventor's Secret Review and Giveaway

Amethyst Healing Crystal Giveaway

Gourmet Cupcake Giveaway -- NORTHERN UTAH ONLY

Upcoming Fun:

The Best Pumpkin Cookies Yet Made Giveaway -- LAS VEGAS METRO AREA ONLY

Drawing Out the Dragons Review and Giveaway

The Janitors trilogy (including the brand-new Curse of the Broomstaff) Review and Boxed-set Giveaway

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  1. BRAVO SLicer, BLogger, Mom, Student...etc... you deserve lots of celebrations. Keep on sharing your life with us!


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