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interface between hearts

Be mine, and I'll be yours for eternity

The words seem to come so easily
Naturally beautiful, hopefully achievable

And to what end will it all come?
Will there ever be someone to love me?
To be loved for who I am--a wish and a dream

A heart packed tight
With love and laughter
And heartache and baggage
The things that make a life lived with passion

Holding on for love hurts now
Holding out for another possibly broken dream
But still, not just anyone but a special someone will do
With heart and humor and something more
A desire to lead and love and listen and stay

Oh, this tender, loving, beating heart
So desiring to find a darling someone
Becoming friends with everyone
And no one all at the same time
The distance is imperceivable to most
Yet tangible to anyone who knew her before

Wading through the blinding fog
Putting out one hand to feel
To see if there might be a daring love waiting
Worthy of her divine destiny
Wishing with one eye open
For someone with whom to intertwine
Her careworn hands and tattered heart

Wound too tight with no reprieve
It is too much
The dreams bite and sting
Wishes cut like knives
Tears burn yet cleanse
A heart full of love
With no one to hold
No one wants to be mine


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