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Drawing Out the Dragons: Rejuvenating

For Day Six of the Third Annual Half-Birthday Bash, you will have the pleasure of a review and giveaway for Drawing Out the Dragons, by James A. Owen.

Drawing Out the DragonsDrawing Out the Dragons by James A Owen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Most of the books I read lately are either fiction or of the textbook variety, so you can imagine my surprise to come across an opportunity to review something fresh and new.

Drawing Out the Dragons is an intriguing biography of sorts that inspires. It has quotes from many world figures and pieces of the author's journey to become the writer he is today.

I kept putting myself in the author's shoes and thinking how I just need to hang on a bit longer for the right stuff to come along. Owen does not paint a perfect picture, but he does show us the power of perseverance and setting goals you work hard to achieve. I came away from reading his life sketch rejuvenated and motivated to reach my dreams.

I hope you will give Drawing Out the Dragons a read. It will surprise and delight you.

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