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spelling it out

Anticipation running through her veins
At a pace that could send anyone into arrest
Before even touching the ground
Barely getting enough air to breathe
Coming to her senses
Conscious thoughts
Defeating the perfect hopefulness
Daring to keep her afloat
Even her clothes began to doubt
Every stitch that was holding them together
For no one has claim on her
Freedom is a sort of slavery when you can't see the path ahead.
Giving way to solitary notions
Hovering between excitement and dread
How can balance be achieved?
Impatience is ousted
Inner peace finds a home
Just in time, the worries of the world stop
Jarring her about
Knowledge of her worth
Kicks away self-doubt
Love and gladness enter in
Leaving no room for anything else
Moving toward him almost imperceptibly
Melts her heart upon sight
Never to know another moment
Nearer to this magic
Opened up soul
Opaque turned transparent
Quiet overwhelms her thoughts
Quickness of time passing by unnoticed
Reveals detachment from the clock
Releasing any hold upon her mind
Searching for a means to an end
Silence where words once resided
Tickles at each uttered word
Turn touches into language that fill in every gap.
Underneath his tenderness hides
Unseen fear within those eyes
Visible for a flash—one moment
Vying for security
Wishing for refuge from change
Welling up inside their hearts
Expectations fighting for a place
Expertly crowding out reason and doubts
Yet—it can not be.
Yielding in weakness would destroy.
Zeal in newfound sweetness might spoil.
Zest for life could turn to pain.

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