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overcoming wildfire

In an instant
News travels like wildfire
Like the cancer
That was lying in wait 
Stealthily overtaking your body
My precious friend
My neighbor
And all I can do is pray
Praying for a miracle
For you
For your children
For the love of your life
We will all pray 
With a perfect brightness of hope
We will all be here together
With our hearts in our hands
Doing all we can to show
How precious you are
To each of us
In all the many beautiful
Ways you have made life 
Worth smiling at
Your humor
Your music
Your mischievous 
Glint in your eye that we all love
In this instant
Gratitude overwhelms me
For the honor of being numbered
As one of your friends 
I have not one shadow of a doubt
You will be triumphant
You will overcome 
My precious friend and neighbor

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