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look it up

Looking up words in the dictionary
Can be dangerous in a way
You get to thinking about what things mean
And attaching the dictionary version
Onto what the person says
Words like adore and close
Have the most poetic definitions
Except there is a risk of loading
Too much of what the dictionary writes
Into the words of another
They might not be well-versed
In dictionary reading and so
The meaning could be only face value
A scratch on the surface of the moon


  1. I"m thinking that I don't remember the last time I actually looked up a word in a real dictionary. I am so happy that I have Google. What difference would Google make to your poetic considerations :)

    1. I'm actually quite fond of Merriam-Webster's Unabridged version online. It's a tool that guides me toward precision in meaning making. Google is nice in a pinch though, for sure! Thanks for stopping by!


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