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time beckons

photo: C.T. Duncan

Standing in a flurry of strangers
Oblivious to being watched
Admired for one hidden moment
When time seemed to beckon and stop
And all she could do was smile
With her heart so raw and wide
That it transformed her vision
Shimmering with anticipation
Of who stood before her for the very first time
And hands were stilled for those few breaths
Before the clock was forced to tick

The sun had never been so radiant
Until that day you walked into my life
Quite literally as you opened up the door
And climbed right in next to me, my heart
There was some sort of magic
A wisp of untold beauty
In the air that hung sweetly
I breathed it in so deeply
I never wanted to leave
But the insistent clock kept ticking past
Each minute, with the seconds pounding

Compelling us to part
In the interim between then and now
The sky's blue hue has never been the same
Neither rain-swelled clouds
Nor the sun's unmatched splendid rays
Since you've been taken so far away
I want and need to breathe
In more of our first-hand magic
Once again hoping that the clock will tick
With a quickness that brings you near to me
Embracing the time we make for each other


  1. "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." -- Albert Einstein

    1. What a wonderful quote to go with this! Thank you, Casey.


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