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Word of the Year 2015: Joyful

Word of the Year 2015

As I began deciding what word I would give focus to this new year, the only word that kept coming to mind was joyful

I consider myself a happy sort, but I do get down on myself more often than I should, and I can get caught up in all that is wrong with things when I ought to be looking for the good. This past year of learning to embrace my loved ones, spirituality, and all the love around me ties in with going a step further to allow my heart to rejoice more, too. Embracing the moments in time felt so wonderful, I must say. And consciously stopping to hold my children more, to ask for a hug more often than I think is welcome, and reaching out to others in love and service have been healing and helpful in my journey. So, I came to the conclusion that if I focus on the joy that is before me better as I am continuing to embrace my life, I will see more fully the joy that is in store for me. I will have room to receive it because I will have cleared out the negativity that pushes joy away. 

Then, I sat down to write this Word of the Year reflection and projection, and I have to say that I now know for a fact that joyful must be what I focus on this year. Having a few years'  worth of words to reflect on has revealed that I never accomplished my goal for 2013. 

That year was supposed to be joyful, but it was not. Two-thousand thirteen was a pivotal year in my progression; I learned much about who I am and what I can accomplish; I was introduced to one of my dearest friends in 2013; and I did not give up (That last one is a miracle in itself.). All are things to rejoice in. Nevertheless, it was a year seared with pain and hardship, tears and yet still more tears, and I hardly know how I made it through. So, no, I did not have a joyful year in 2013 even though I had hoped it would be, which means that I must strive to accomplish the goal this year. 

With a happier and hopeful heart, I am better prepared to reach into the days, weeks, and months ahead to embrace the joy that lays before me. I feel joyful just thinking about it. 

Highlights of embracing life this past year:

Past Words of the Year: 


  1. I love your closing line, "I feel joyful just thinking about it"! I wish you all the joy you can handle this year! Perhaps we will see some of these moments in future slices?

  2. This process of choosing one little word has been in my life for three years. I so enjoy reading our stories of how our focus word(s) come about. It is so wonderful that you are giving "joyful" an encore. It reminds me that there is joy even in difficult times!

  3. It sounds as though you DO need to give "joyful" a second chance! I hope that your past experiences and growth will make you more aware of joyful moments, and that they will be bountiful and often!

  4. I love that you're giving yourself a redo. Good for you. I also loved the insight that finding joy in the here and now will give you even more room for joy. So, so true. I know this to be true.


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