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birthdays light my fire

Birthdays are something I enjoy celebrating—organizing parties, buying and making gifts, and anything else I can do to let the people I care about know how much I appreciate them in my life. I'm not sure what's the deal with me and birthdays entirely, but it really makes me happy to let my mind gravitate to planning my next move.

My children have birthdays every three months, so I like to call them my quarterly kids. But the best part about the fact is that I only have three months until the next birthday. If they were all bunched together, I'd probably overachieve big time on the very next birthday after a long break.

When you stop to think about it, making sure to do birthday parties and sending surprises in the mail aren't essentials, and maybe I spend a little too much time on getting the details just how I like (thus making me a bit batty), but to see how happy it makes my loved ones is what keeps that fire burning. It's like a bonfire of happy that's always lit.


  1. "A bonfire of Happy that's always lit"-love that vision...I"m like you. I love planning for birthdays and getting the gifts just right. Sometimes I'm late on getting the gift to the person. I refuse to buy the "not yet perfect enough" gift just because of time.

  2. The Watermelon/Chocolate Strawberry combo was brilliant!


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