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my bowl of cherries

Out of place and feeling really quiet. Somehow all the good will outweigh the bad. My mother's hope for good winning out has to be true. These random thoughts feel almost like overthinking, and overthinking is a red flag. Just stop and enjoy what you can. But also, many people say fake it until you make it. So where do all the sad and confused and feeling silly go? They hide. They hide in the happy sunshine as the world keeps turning. They hide under a rock or in projects or in the things that appear to be productive and good. There is so little and yet there is so much. Do you live on famine or abundance? Which one will keep you alive and growing? Ask yourself that. That's the thing to think about. All the good and wonderful and things that are going right. Not the lies, manipulation, misunderstanding, selfishness, or pride. Not even the mistakes. Mistakes help you grow and learn how to not make the same ones again. If you care. Caring is essential for life. Caring is abundance. And if you have someone to share in that. Now, that's when good wins. Good wins forever. 


  1. What a great image to inspire !

  2. Sometimes we need to get quiet to remind ourselves of everything you've stated in your post, because the busy-ness drowns out the happy-ness. Maybe you needed to be "out of place" for a moment to realign your thoughts--I find that true for me, when I feel that way.

  3. Beautiful photo...and really touching, beautiful opening words - "Out of place and feeling really quiet." They hint at how we heal, how we get to that good place - it is often through being quiet, being present, being aware. I also love the line "Caring is abundance." Thank you!

  4. Love the cherry pic! And the reminder to focus the things that keep us alive and thriving because ultimately good will triumph. Asking for blessings your way to see you through this time.


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