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this race

standing apart
at the start
no one else matters
the mile markers stretched out
marathon of a lifetime—this lifetime
running ragged, trudging along, unrelenting, breathless, beautiful
unable to get clear of sweat and tears
keep going, you can do it, break the pattern
somehow someday someone will come along the way to help 
to gladly lend unfailing, generous support and offer up their heart
but—don't stop to hold your breath—just keep going
you will overcome the trouble and see the sun
shining on your burdened shoulders and wind-whipped faces
hope emblazoned across your stalwart, eternal souls
even if no one else cares
light and joy will arrive
comforting these precious hearts
to the end
standing tall

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  1. Laura, I love using the words standing tall in my work but the added alone adds the punch.


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