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happy exhaustion

Nothing can prepare you for your first First Day Back from Christmas Break—not all the funny memes in the world—not all the warnings from seasoned teachers—nothing. I was even naïve enough to be giddy with excitement to see my students before school. Giddy, I tell you. I even wore purple heels to show my excitement for this first first day back, the first day of the second semester at my school. Heels. On the first day back. 

And then I went to school. I was happy and fun and energetic. I was high on lesson planning during my prep period. I accomplished so much! My students were glad to see me. Some even said they missed class and me. Talk about sweet appreciation. It was magnificent. 

And then I was asked to edit some school documents really quickly after school. And then I walked out to my car. And during this process is when the exhaustion began settling in. I don't think I have felt that tired in like forever or maybe the first day of school (same difference). As I type this out, I'm wondering how I will fare tomorrow and the next day. I'm a tad afraid, actually. 

All this talk about how I might fall asleep typing and I'm truly thankful we were given a gift card to a nice dinner spot that we used tonight has me all concerned. I am crazy tired. It's bad. What will tomorrow be like?! There are no memes to warn you about the second day after the Christmas break. 

One last thing before I nod off: Being a teacher gives me happiness unmeasured. 


  1. What a great post- noticing the real life moments of a teacher (I will have this day next week, but I will NOT wear heels!). You have captured the push and pull so well.

  2. It's amazing how tired you can get when you go back to work after a long break. Happiness exhaustion is a good type of tired. Enjoy your second day back, Laura.

  3. "happiness unmeasured" - oh, how I love that phrase!!

    I agree with this post - I was exhausted last night. I haven't felt that tired since my babies were newborns!


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