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the perfect time

unfiltered perfect dusk with lines upon the sky

Slipped in between the morning and the night,
A whisper on the wind came into sight.
Taking its time and with wet upon our cheeks,
Time ran short even though days turned into weeks.
Lingering light and happy times rest upon all hearts,
As your eyes tell us things we need before you depart.
Just the right amount of time—pure perfection,
Teaching in the final moments—giving direction.
This sliver of a moment slipped out between morning and night,
A life remembered for friendship's sake, memory's delight.
Then when the moon shone full, your whisper fell silent in the night.

For C.T. Duncan, in memory of his friend 



  1. Beautiful. Thank you so much, Laura.

    1. I'm honored to have had the words to share. You're ever so welcome.


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