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Readers' Choice Top Ten 2015

Each year, it seems like there is always some obstacle I can't see how to overcome, yet I always do. This year was no different. Many challenges came my way—some aren't even resolved yet—and I still can appreciate how the process of overcoming always finds a way to win. 

I'm excited for the year to be over, but I don't want to leave 2015 behind without expressing my deep appreciation for every lesson learned over its course. Each of the selections that you, my readership, have loved holds a piece of my lessons learned, a part of my journey of becoming who I can be. As you read over them, I hope the things I have gained offer you insight, hope, and comfort. I know that your time spent reading, commenting, and sharing my writing has offered me those three things throughout this year. I appreciate each of you.

All Things Purple: Readers' Choice Top Ten 2015

5. My Sad Summer

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