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changing every day

I am looking out the window of my newly reconfigured office, and I have the word change on my mind.

People talk a lot about change: the way we don't like change and people resist change, how people change all the time, that change is inevitable, so we need to make choices to change for the better. Change, change, change. I have found that I like change, not all change, mind you, but for the most part.

As we grow older (and hopefully up), change is inherent in the human experience. Anyone selling you that trash about how you shouldn't change is full of it and ought not be trusted that they have your best interest at heart. Seek out how to change—to adapt—and life seems to be kept on simpler terms because you're at least almost ready for the next hill or mountain you need to climb. And those hills and mountains come because that is life. That is change. It is how we learn and grow into who we are meant to become. 

The one thing that I watch for amidst all the fine tuning that happens day by day is how I make sure to keep people in my life. If you don't use some of the time you've been given on them, the degrees of separation become greater. There are some people that I want no degree of separation from. I never want to lose them from my life. However, if effort isn't made amidst all the change, they won't fit anywhere. There won't be room after even a year's worth of life's reconfigurations. 

We change every day, and hopefully, it's always leading us to become our best self and bringing us closer to the people who make our lives worth living.


  1. Keeping people in your life ... this is a key (as well as the corollary: keep only good people in your life). I guess we are all changing all the time. Of course, we notice it more with kids -- they are physically changing along with the other changes. For us adults, it is something internal, and we may not notice it unless, as you have done, we take the time to notice.

  2. What a great post! Like children, to grow we must change (otherwise there is no growth!). I love the emphasis you give to making time for people. I have to consciously remember this, as chores and work and obligations take over.

  3. Your post mirrors some of my own thoughts and notebook wonderings this morning. The older I get, the more I value solitude; yet, I also value relationships. I often find myself avoiding scheduling time with friends because I cherish stretches of unplanned time, which are few and far between. Thanks for the reminder that I need to actively make the effort to keep good people in my life!

  4. I was thinking and wondering about change...what makes it so hard for people to take the risk and poke something with a stick? I think as we age, we lose the sense of wonder and curiosity-but why?
    I like the idea of keeping with people so that we are inspired by those around us.

  5. Change... I'm in the midst of an enforced change and I'm trying to make it good even if I would rather it not be in this... Death forces change to those left behind, right?
    Bonnie K

  6. Change happens as everything is in flux. A definition of life. To see change requires some degree of perspective. There's hope in that.


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