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remembering now

As the summer progresses and the chores list gets longer and the projects beg for more time, I find myself in the midst of memory making that keeps catching my breath.

I never thought I'd stop to relish the yelling of a teen girl (when she's not looking, of course). I honestly never believed I'd be able to savor the idea and actual event of my children going off for a week of summer camp. I surely never thought I could find joy in driving around town running errands until I'm exhausted just to have some time away from the house with all its chores, projects, and problems.

I've even taken to trying to find a way to love the struggles I experience as time goes by and there's no one who wants us. I see how much I can do myself to be happy along with what is left with no solution, and I find a way to be content. This process will either teach me how to be a better companion, a more grateful and giving one, or it will harden me against the cruel world, so I believe it is a good thing.

Realizing how often I take a moment in the moment to relish, savor, and enjoy these mundane and even traumatic experiences, the only thing to do is make sure I write about it as much as I can. I want to remember these summer days when I learned the value of time spent with people I love and how to manage finding joy in every aspect.

There's this song I've been obsessed with over the past month that I'd like to share with you.  It gets me crying some days, and on the others, it's a delightful reminder that now is the time to remember. Now is the time to make sure the time is spent well and with whom I love most; tomorrow is not when we make memories that take our breath away.

This is the Time to Remember

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