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in the stratosphere

Hearts and hands reaching out
Beating in time across the miles.

Darling, you can't have it all.
No matter how much you wish it,
You can't be best friends with the world.

Watered down friendship
Has its place and purpose,
But watered down and spread thin
Never has been nor ever will be best.

The air is thin up here
In the stratosphere
Of your heart
Shifting from warm to cold
Then back again where I belong.

Holding my breath as I share
Space to love you completely
Suffocation setting in
Because there's only oxygen
Enough for one
No matter what you might believe.

Writing these words to share
Set a place for you to reach
Completely without fear
Because there is no doubt
Love binds our hearts
No matter what

The space we've made
In this busy world
Line by line in careful prose
Lain out and stretched
To lessen the unkind miles

Acknowledged imperfection
Has its place and purpose,
But it never stopped this heart
From loving, and it goes on undeterred.

Sweetheart, I can't have it all.
No matter how much I want it,
I can't be in two places at once.

Offer me your hand
That I might know that I belong.


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