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Seeking to Become - July 2016

I'm sitting here waiting for my children to be ready for church, wondering how much I'll get written in conjunction with how much of the meeting I will miss. And I have decided to cherish the moment instead of being frustrated by it.

There will be time enough to get myself to church on time when everyone is grown and gone. I don't especially love that I will most likely be missing out on partaking of the sacrament once again; however, I do love that my children and I go to church. We need to know that we belong somewhere—that there is a plan—that our family is eternal. And even when we fail in the moment, we are not failing in the long run.

I wrote those first two paragraphs, and then made it to church late, but with a grateful attitude. I'm glad I thought to take some time to reflect and breathe.

So about the challenge this month. I've been searching out the perfect scripture passage to focus on, and I never did nail one down, which means I need to choose one of the several I've been studying before I can keep writing…

And here we go:

"He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much." Luke 16:10
This scripture is a specific how-to-be type of scripture. It's so direct while teaching a larger lesson. I have pondered its deeper application for a few weeks now, and I would like to apply it to my life more fully today and throughout the coming month. I think it applies today to my perspective shift about being late for church so often lately. If I'm to become more like the Savior, I must keep the faith that everything will work out and be joyful as I keep the faith. I need to have charity and love with my family and friends and even strangers—no matter how much it challenges me to do so.

This month will be a time to recognize where the smallest seeds of faith lie and how great they are, and time will be given to search out the injustices in my heart and learn to be more kind and understanding of others.

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