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Completely unaware of who wrote this, I am wishing I knew the source to thank! Furthermore, I don't know how I could have missed it outside of being absolutely overburdened last fall.

Today, I'd like to thank this person for writing something so perfectly specific in description and with such kindness. Some days, I wonder why I share so much, why I write with my heart upon my sleeve on fire in a pressure cooker, and then I find a comment like this as well as others that tell me why.

I write because it does lessen my burdens somehow. I do not have someone to hold me at night and it gets to me sometimes, but knowing that there are others who are comforted by the words I write, the tears don't seem as harsh.

I write because it pleases me to connect with people on all levels. And I'm thankful, so very thankful, to have a "fan base" who comes back for more and takes time to share my work and encourages me to carry on.


  1. Sometimes, writing in an open space is an act of faith and a high wire act. That someone took the time to write and share a reaction like is a powerful reminder that readers are all around us.

  2. Keep on writing! Healing, comfort and those touchable moments come in at unexpected times and ways! I have missed reading your blog!

  3. This is the best community ever.

  4. It is amazing what this kind of validation can do for a person.

  5. There is still kindness in this world!

  6. What a wonderful comment and well deserved. Those who write with their true emotions and allow others to share connect and touch the hearts of others...the readers...and many times we can relate in some way. So glad you received such great validation of your writing.


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