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healing heart

I'm skipping to number eight on the list even though, in the process of number eight, I hope to experience all ten . . .

I'm going adventuring soon (if you couldn't tell), but I'm not quite sure yet how much, if any, that I'll want to share of it. I've come round a bend that has taught me that maybe sharing what I perceive of my experiences hurts me more than letting it settle back into the recesses of my memory. That sentence breaks my heart a little, but at the same time, it also gives my heart courage, so I believe it is a good thing to ponder and reconsider my current practices.

There is something delicious about the anticipation of an upcoming adventure. Plans made and set into motion cause a pleasant nervousness that lifts spirits and enlivens hearts. It is all just so good. With expressing that, I hope to find a balance of sharing and saving just for me that helps me with healing this heart of mine. Because when all is said and done, all of these things that I love should lead me to feeling loved and whole.

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