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Seeking to Become - August 2016

I've been doing this thing for five years now. When I set out with an idea to help myself navigate the treacherous waters of separation and divorce, I never thought about the long term effects of setting this type of spiritual goal.

Seeking out scriptures each month to focus on for personal improvement and reflection has grounded me when chaos could have reigned (or even when it did and I was holding on for dear life). I have been able to find solace when there seemed to be none. I have been able to root out my weaknesses to see what I might do to overcome them. And all of it has led me to uplifting conversations with others as well.

I don't know if this sharing of my scripture study each month has helped anyone else, but it has helped me in immeasurable ways.

Here are some of the past years' posts. I hope you might join me in reflecting on them and learning maybe just a little bit more about seeking to become more like the Savior in doing so:

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Year Two

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