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sweet summer

Sunshine in My Pocket

The days are fading into autumn quickly, but until it has to settle in, I will sing about summer.

It has been another transition time, another set of months where I have realized I can't make plans for the future. I have to take my days and weeks one at a time with my eyes looking toward the future, but I cannot be too bold about any of it. Boldness is insupportable. However, happiness is.

I've been focusing on making time to step back and enjoy the days without allowing the worries to wreck them too much. Severe difficulties continue to rain down, and somehow I keep on making the best of things. There is hope in all of that. There is a power in it too. Learning how to breathe despite the water's depth is an accomplishment in my mind. So much balance has been achieved. My children and I have had small and large-sized adventures. We've had misery and joy in equal portion too. It has been a mix of everything. Such a better summer than last year.

One thing that tips the scales to better than just balanced is that I had a delightful adventure to top off the summer. It has refueled my heart. There's not much that can compare with spending nearly carefree time laughing and gallivanting around town with someone who accepts you, forgives you, and genuinely cares about you. True balm for the weary soul. Photographs for days and swimming and talking and movies and chocolate and walking and smiling…I've decided that I need this occurrence to happen more often. It is vital to my existence.

This summer has been a sweet mix of happy and sad, joyful and learning. It has been so very good.


  1. Sounds like you've made some good memories this summer. I've always lived by the old adage that you appreciate the sun more if you experience a little rain, too. :)

  2. So glad the scales tipped to better for you and yours. And that you had a delightful adventure to refuel your heart.

  3. I love this line, "Learning how to breathe despite the water's depth is an accomplishment in my mind." You could write a poem around that. Lovely.


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