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daily direction

Every single day, we have choices to make. Some of those choices are small, and some of them are big. Regardless of the immediate impact, all choices add up to life changing motion.

My mind races to a slew of questions as I consider what choices I make and how they are mapping out my journey with every yes or no, going or staying, save or delete, etc. Where will this string of texts lead? What will happen if I cancel going to _____ and stay home? How long can I get away with working instead of socializing without negative results?

Everyone's roads look similar, but we all have an individual path that curves and heads uphill and down at different times—usually. My best friend and I have this uncanny ability to live parallel lives. It's been so strange and such a blessing all at once. Three out of four of our children have birthdays within months of each other for one example. There are many other nuances to our lives that run right alongside one another, and it used to freak me out at first, but now I'm used to it and welcome it. We seem to understand each other without even having to explain ourselves a lot of the time because of how connected we are. But this is not the case for most people. We have such distinctly different roads we travel. People learn in such individualized ways and at differing times of life. The lessons we learn through our daily decisions set us up in the future for all sorts of positive and negative consequences. It is fascinating to consider it all. It can also be maddening if you get going on too many what-ifs. I do not recommend it.

My take away from this train of thought is that we should be mindful of our decisions, but we should not overthink it. Work on being your best self each day, and keep on trying. Everyone has to put the pedal to the metal and drive, or we let the little things take over without any purposeful direction.

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