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I will shine

I forgot to write a slice of life last week, and my only excuse (as if I need one) is that I have so much on my plate that I must recognize I do not have time some days. It is not even about priorities as much as it is about literally not having enough of me to go around with all that is required of me as a single mother, teacher, editor, social media manager, friend, and so on—because I am not in any one box ever. My existence is overflowing with good thing and hard things and stressful things, and I get overwhelmed by it all some days. Last week was one of those days, yes, the whole week. It was like one big Mondayish seven-day period. That's the only way I can think to explain it. Just lots to do and no way to get around any of it.

Despite the failure to write last week, I still have renewed hope in the fact that I can keep writing, that I have not put the pen down again. I intend to explore fresh ideas and begin writing something brave and let my light shine. Stay tuned for more!


  1. You do shine! You do so much for others... don't forget about you. Breathe. I love to read your blog!

  2. 🌞🌞🌞🌞


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