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I am a serious type of person. When I try to joke around, someone usually gets offended so I try not to do it. Ever. Well, barely ever.  Sometimes I forget myself and joke around and the cycle repeats itself and then I remember that I should NOT joke around and then I forget again...I hope you see what I mean.  I believe the seriousness stems from my very core.  I can recall lecturing kids in Second grade about how I don't appreciate the "your mama's so fat" jokes.  My mother was pretty overweight and I really didn't find it appropriate since they appeared to be making fun of MY mom and even if they weren't-- it was offensive to anyone who was fat. and I remember thinking those precise thoughts at age 7 or 8.  Yeah. Serious to the core.

I think I am considered creative. Not creative in a normal sort of way, but I like to make stuff and do stuff with stuff and put things together in different sorts of combinations. I like making cute job charts for my children and painting old picture frames to make them look how I would do it if I were a manufacturer, though they hardly look as good as a manufacturer's but I like them. I like to scrapbook even though I never make the time for it anymore. Online photo book creations are the avenue I take lately. I find that my organizing skills take on a sense of creativity when I don't have money for new tubs and baskets to hold things.  I wash things up move it around and wah-lah! I have made things fabulous (for about a month). And I obviously like to write.

I love music so much. I played the flute for about five years in junior high and high school, sang in choir for the last two and half years of high school, and still play the piano at a first grade level. I sing in my church choir when I remember to go to practices and I listen to all sorts of musical genres. I really adore movie musicals.  I think my all-time favorite movie musical is The Music Man with the girl from the Partridge Family - what's her name? Oh yeah. Shirley Jones. Her singing voice is magical to me. I like lots of others too though. I think I might think about that for a bit and make a list of favorites.  Can I get some suggestions? Tell me your favorites if you like musicals...

And some of the nitty gritty: I have four monkey children. I want to be an English teacher when I grow up, so I go to Brigham Young University. For the record, I liked my school sports program even BEFORE it got Jimmered.

and my favorite color is purple.


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  2. I am glad you dropped by! I hope you enjoy the blog and I look forward to checking yours out, too.

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  4. I love movie musicals too. I think my very most favorite is The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band. "Let's put it over with Grover, Don't rock the boat, Give him your vote!" I also LOVE Annie, The Music Man, Sound of Music, The Phantom of the Opera, and of course WICKED (thought they haven't made it into a movie yet).

  5. @Melissa: You reminded me of another oldie but a goodie - The Happiest Millionaire.

  6. You and I apparently have a VERY similar taste in musicals. Some of my favorites are: 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, Les Miserables (my absolute FAVE), The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Westside Story, The Sound of Music, Phantom of the Opera...and I could go on and on! I too LOVE Enchanted and would absolutely consider it a musical! I am also a HUGE Elvis Presley fan. A few of my faves are Clam Bake and Girl Happy. Also, I just recently saw Thoroughly Modern Milly for the first time and LOOOOOOVED it...so I guess I can add that one to the list too. ;)

    I know there are so many more (especially if I start getting into animated films/musicals), but I think you get the idea. ;)

  7. @shannon - I totally love The Sound of Music, but had to make some tough choices. Even then, I still cheated a bit on a top ten by putting all three HSMs. I know I am crazy, but I really like them. Plus, Melissa could probably share a story or two where my high school life was similar and then we could really have a laugh.

    I cannot believe you just were exposed to Thoroughly Modern Millie! An amazingly fun movie. Glad you liked it.

  8. I love musicals. I just got to see Wicked at the Kennedy Center while on vacation so I'm loving it. Love the HSM movies as well- I enjoyed watching and experiencing them with my 4 kids like my parents enjoyed experiencing Annie, Grease, and Sound of Music. I also enjoyed Mama Mia, South Pacific, Singing in the Rain, and The Pirate Movie (kind of crass but they sang!).

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