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Lost in a sea of technology

If ever a girl wanted to feel un-super, all she needs to do is try to start a blog.  dude.  I changed some features, played around a bit with some settings, modified the blog address to better fit what I want, and BAM! I got set up for a series of dorky, irritating things.  I felt  like I did when I was in the downtown area of Salt Lake City a few years back and I got lost trying to get to the freeway - I could see the freeway the whole time, but could not get on it. Can we all say "I hate one way streets" all together? Now you might be thinking, she must have some mental processing issues or something.  No. I just go from substance to air at the speed of light when dealing with machinery and I guess that includes computers FOR SURE!

One of my brothers was visiting last week and I was telling him how I needed some hands on help with my technology charged computer and fax/scanner/copier/printer fun thing that is a small computer too and he did not believe me.  The little black pad locked up on the laptop somehow and I could not figure out how to get it to unlock.  He looked at me like "really?" and he tapped on the tiny light and laughed at me in disbelief. I unashamedly used it as a case in point that I truly meant that I needed help with the computer of a printer I now own.  Did he ever show me how to use the beast? no. But I promise to try not to break it until I do figure it out.

I am a smart person.  Though I would like to quote my friend Andrew Concoby who said this during Zoology class our senior year in high school: You are the blondest brunette I ever met. Whatever that means...

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