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the wonderful world of blogs

When I decided to start blogging, I did not know into what abyss I would be falling into. Whew!  There is so much to learn and just know and if you don't just know it you kinda flounder...I think I am floundering a bit. not too much. just a bit. 

The one thing I hope is occurring while the world takes notice of my insane learning curve is that you are enjoying this adventure with me.
For followers and the many silent non-follower readers, have you liked the past week's ride?  Let me know.  You can click on the buttons under each posting to give positive feedback really quick or be brave and post a comment.  I would like to see what you found most interesting, fun, and/or informative.

 As you can all see, I have some followers now.  I strong-armed my best friend and begged others and after all that I even have a couple of non-acquaintance new acquaintances following this thing. Thanks to all you for liking this or me enough to click that button and sign up!!! I know for some this could be at great sacrifice. just kidding. It shouldn't be THAT bad for anyone. i hope.
We are at the start of another week and I wish you a fabulous day. 
Let's explore this world of blogging fun some more.

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