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The Politics of Princesses and Hair


I watched the Disney movie Tangled last night with my family and feel like it warrants a word or two or so...

I was a little wary at first to be feeding more princess media down our throats, but it turned out to be more than just an entertaining movie.  

As is par for the course, it does have a princess with a wicked sort-of-step-mother and the princess does get saved by a man. What makes this movie somewhat unique and intriguing is how she was also portrayed as strong, capable, and accomplished.  She paints and can knock men out with her frying pan! And it is NOT done by the help of magic. Rapunzel just knows how to handle herself.

Another surprise is how Eugene isn't merely infatuated with Rapunzel for her unachievable good looks. The man actually hacks her hair off to keep her from being enslaved to the wicked sort-of-step-mother for eternity. I found that particular aspect refreshing. A woman is still a woman and even a beautiful woman without long locks of thick, perfectly done hair. Some women truly look more attractive in a short 'do. Please don't misunderstand. I used to have really long hair and know it looked pretty and many women look amazing with long hair, but I also know that long hair is not the end all be all of beauty.

To this day, I still have heard men comment on how a woman can only be truly attractive if she has long hair. I say --  hang that one up on a shelf and let it rot, girls. We aren't strippers. Well, most of us aren't.

I would love to get some comments from male readers on their hair politics...I promise to respect your comments so long as they are respectful.

Most of society today accepts any style of hair on women, but now we have a Disney Princess reflecting this and looking mighty gorgeous in her tiara.

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