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light now dimmed

Youth cannot guarantee one more breath 
Neither can beauty of heart, mind, and body
Precious spirit, dear and lovely
Warmth taken from this bitter cold world
Life feels more empty now
The light that once shone through
Has been dimmed by loss

My heart breaks
Not for me
But for family
For the heartache 
They must taste
This grief brings
Back memories
Of the heartache
From the loss
Of beloved parents
Who left unexpectedly, too

Perhaps they are all together
Providing watch care over us
Wishing for our hearts
To know that our hope
And faith are not in vain
But the truth to which
They would have us cling

For sweet Kenslee,
You always showed me a wealth of loving kindness. 
You are missed by many. 


  1. Thanks so much. We are all in a sad place, thanks for caring. Love you. Jason

  2. That was incredibly touching. Thank you for sharing it.


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