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view from a train wreck

From the outside looking in lies a train wreck
Smoldering on the wayside with little to no hope
For an extinguisher to put things right
It takes time, so much time for it to burn itself out
That it appears limitless in scope for all the smoke
With no respite from the licking flames
No refreshment from the choking charred air
From which new breaths, freedom's song, must be stolen

Cherished friendships bound to safe limits
Are all that can and should be afforded
The flames still burning too high
Raw emotionality which will not soon subside
Makes a poor and insufficient offering
To those sweet ones on the pathway bright
Happily treading their way along the road
Taking time for the luxury of repose
Granting generous portions of their precious gifts
But cannot, must not risk any of their priceless hearts

To a train wreck still smoldering
On the inside looking out, there is a lone heart
Dying secretly yet grasping, hanging on to hope
For there must be light enough to set things right
But it takes time, so much time to find your way out
That it seems you never can or will
With no rest for the burnt and weary warrior
Do no enter this blackened scenery, mon nouveau coeur
From whom this broken one might have borrowed
A breath of fresh air


  1. Love the French usage. Nice touch!

    1. I thought you might like that. Remember, I'm a wordsmith.


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