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Not Quite Rotten Eggs

The other day, I put a Facebook status that said "My life sucks rotten eggs." Today, my thoughts on the subject have changed very little; however, I must acknowledge how much my life also does not suck rotten eggs because we all know there are parallel realities all around us.

How My Life Does NOT Suck Rotten Eggs Top Ten List:

1.   My children are all relatively healthy and happy.
2.   I have loving friends and family who give all the support they can, in various ways.
3.   While university attendance is a challenge right now, I attend my dream school.
4.   Scholarships have made my attendance at my dream school not only possible but a blessing.
5.   I have clean water to drink and with which to keep my family clean and healthy.
6.  We always have nice food to eat.
7.   My car continues to work despite it's brokenness and 212,000 miles--and counting. 
8.   Writing of poetry comes naturally to me.
9.   I am free to write my thoughts and beliefs and philosophies as I choose on this blog.
10. I have an audience for this blog.

So, in essence, my life might suck rotten eggs right now, but somehow they turn out looking like Easter eggs.

Or something like that.

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