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out of nowhere

arms reaching out to touch you
and you aren't there anymore
there was always this feeling
that you might run
away toward the clouds
never to be found again

words and wishes
forced your flight
yet they needed to exist
even more than that
but to be said aloud
breaking all silence

ripples of sweetness
unravel every particle
of stillness hanging in the air
stale and pale
which suffocates the love
clear out of our hearts

where could you be safer
than in my cherishing
revering and delighting
damaged and fragmented hands
if not there
there is nowhere

searching this tear-stained world
with eyes perfectly open
bloodshot and weeping
knowing the dream might not exist
but pushing forward
past the pain of losing

eyes now pooled like glass
await a glimpse of the stars
with endlessly bated breath
wishing with a will passionate
for a love who won't leave
but reach out and seek me

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