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embracing you

The air was different with you near
Hanging loosely, surrounding
Though not suffocating
I could hardly breathe
And yet I breathed easier
Yes, both, at the same time
My darling friend, so lovely
To walk beside you
To hear your voice reverberate
Through the air and into my heart—
It feels too good to be true
Reality came straight from my dreams
Exceeding some and meeting others
At the door with open arms
Wrapped in your warm embrace
I melt and can hardly catch a breath
Because you are so good
Your way about you humbles me
And my wishes now exceed my dreams


  1. Lovely macro shot and poem is very creative and well done ~ thanks, ^_^

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

    1. I love it when you come for a visit! Thank you for the compliments. I appreciate it all.


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