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no outlet

Do you ever wonder what people were thinking when they chose street names? I never wondered that before until I was driving along and saw this one: "Pillow Talk." I have driven past it numerous times over the years, but I haven't had the same perspective as I do now, so maybe that's why I was so suddenly full of curiosity that I pulled over to take a snapshot of it. 

The whole "NO OUTLET" sign right above the name is what really made me stop and think. It's like a metaphor for my life right now. A sad, ridiculous, flimsy metaphor that makes me wonder about where I am and how I will get myself out of this place that I don't like. I inch my way out, only to be dragged back in by the hair. To be fair to myself, I have come a long way in the past five years, but some of my circumstances are positively stagnant! It is so unbelievable that I can hardly grasp the reality of the things I continue to deal with. 

All of that said, I honestly believe that somehow things will continue to get better, and that someday I will be free and have a loving companion. 


  1. It's interesting how signs, sights and smells can become metaphors for life. I hope that one of these days, sooner rather than later, the signs you come across are ones that signal hope, happiness and new beginnings, such as Happy Trails!

  2. Your post reveals such a sense of frustration. I hope that someday soon pillow talk will be something that gives you pleasure.

  3. That "No Outlet" sign, may be telling you something! Maybe it is explaining that you need to find an outlet! Find something new to do or try that GIVES you an outlet. Piano lessons? Swimming? Cooking class? Painting? I don't know... you have to interpret it though, not I!
    BTW, there are some crazy street signs here, especially on the old back roads. A few years ago they didn't have names on all the roads (people just knew where they were in Maine), so they let the person living on each unnamed road name it. I've often passed by them thinking I should take some pictures...maybe today I start.

    1. I like your idea. I am always looking for new things to try. I think I should keep a look out for something. Painting sounds like a real option! Thank you!

  4. I can't believe that is the real name of a street! I think recognizing that you have come far in the past several years is important. It shows a sense of optimism and hope. Keep climbing - you'll make it!


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