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electric lines

There's something divine
About looking at someone
Into their eyes, into their heart
And seeing past the surface 
To who they really are 
And seeing who they could become 
—who you could become— 
If the walls are scaled
If the borders are crossed
If the feelings are allowed to be felt 

When the power lines are electrified
After barriers are broken down
But even before the smoke clears
Before either of you feels safe
You both acknowledge 
There has always been something
Whispering to you to continue peeling
Away the layers that keep truth
And treasure hidden

The truth
That you might just be 
Each other's
Match that lights eternal fire
Bookend that completes the set
Answer to infinite questions
Peace when the storms of life rage on

But until then— 
Look to the sunlit sky
Find me in the clouds
Remember me at dusk
See me in every tower
Electrifying your line of sight
As I see through to 
The inner you
A resplendent soul—magnificent

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