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sweet escape

At the end of a crazy day, I read with my children, said prayers, and put them to bed. Then, I hot-tailed it to the grocery store with my neighbor for a wild night out on the town. We laughed and talked while we picked up a few things, like grapes and bread and stuff. It was a good time unwinding in a nerdy sort of way. But something happened as we were leaving that made me smile a little extra.

We were stilling laughing and talking as we left the store, and as we were loading the trunk, a guy who works at the store was walking past us and he asked if we needed some help. We said no but held a bit of friendly conversation before getting into the car. My friend got in last, and told me that I'd never guess what just happened. And I was like, huh? She then said that the guy we had just chatted with told her, "Don't tell your friend, but she is really cute." So, needless to say, she told me within a nanosecond of getting into the vehicle. And it made me smile. How sweet. 

But it also made me think about some of the idioms that we say. They don't always make sense—at all. Or maybe this one isn't supposed to. Is it a cue to do exactly opposite of what they say?  For any guys out there, know that if you use that opener "Don't tell your friend, but . . . " the friend will definitely tell. Within a nanosecond—or less—of being out of your earshot.

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