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entirely insufficient

How can the words I miss you be
Too much and too little all at once?
I shall tell you—
They are too much when you feel
Your heart upon your sleeve and the tears
That come from missing are too much
To take because you are unsure
If the sentiment is mutual between
The two hearts at hand
When fear whispers like a devil in your ear
That this person does not care
Enough to miss you in return . . .
That this person never will
Because you can give him something more
And he is potentially afraid
Most likely unaccustomed to your way
Because being different from the rest
Might not be what anyone is looking for

And those three words, I miss you, are
Entirely insufficient when the adventure
Calls for all you've got plus more
Because you only have words to give
For now; however,
Missing him is something to rejoice
In because you discover that you can feel again
That your heart recognizes
Someone special when it comes across
A soul so wonderfully matched with your own that
Life before his presence is difficult to imagine
And the thought of him ever leaving
Only makes the missing double worse
A poignant pierce upon the heart
A terrible twist of a knot in the throat
And still the words are too much and too little
Because it is part of yourself that is the missing piece
That you gave away from the very start


  1. lovely poetry...expressive verse and deep sentiment.

    1. Thank you for taking time to read my writing and for your kind compliments. I appreciate it very much.

  2. Its beautiful, feel every word


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