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the rain beckons you

The thrill of it all comes back to me
As if the days we shared were yesterday
Like an ache of a memory
Demanding to be felt again
Bursting from my mind in a way
That pains me to the core
While exciting the thought of another
Adventure to be shared
The sights, the sounds, the smells
The clouds collecting each day
More densely than the day before
Until the rain comes
Like the hope for beautiful things
It truly came and showed itself to us

We felt it falling on our skin
And in our hair
Wetting the ground beneath our feet
Promising something new
Something profoundly fresh
Misting everything in sight with a shine
Green and full of life
No longer parched with drought
But longing for more of what we tasted
Because it can happen again
Choose to join me in the summer rain
To bask in the mixture of sunshine
And clouds that keeps us guessing and wishing
For what might be ours to find

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