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Texan Sunshine

It's been a week since I came home from my Texas adventures. And I have felt every minute of that week.

For the first half of my trip, I saw my family. The time I spent with them was great! It felt so good to see a brother who I haven't seen in a long while and to connect with his wife he married in December. I missed that guy! We didn't do anything terribly out of the ordinary, but we spent a whole lot of time talking, shopping, and just reconnecting. My favorite part was when we stayed up until about 3 a.m. hanging out, doing nothing. I am convinced that getting to stay up late talking has a magic in it that you can't get during any daylight hour. 

The second half of my vacation was spent meeting someone who has become a precious friend. I can hardly say anything about the experience without saying too much and possibly spoiling it, you know? Because sometimes you just don't share the special things with everyone. 

So what do I share?

Coming up on a year ago, a Twitter/Instagram friend made an impact on my life, and it has never been the same since. I wrote about it here: The Best Things Come From Texas. Before the trip out to Texas, he and I were already good friends because we have gotten to know each other over the past several months since I wrote about how a purple onion represents encouragement and layers of individuation. Now, after spending some time together in person, I count him as someone I hope to somehow always have around. I had a feeling about this kindred spirit from the very start, but to have actually crossed into a 3D relationship feels surreal and simply wonderful all at once. I believe that the unique experiences we shared while together in Texas have created an anchor of sorts for us.  And that's the best kind of friendship for which anyone could ask. 

During the time in Texas, I was able to be silly, honest, and kind. In turn, I was treated to the very best of silliness, a new layer of honesty for which I had hoped, and perfectly delightful kindness that I wish will never diminish. I felt the sun shining on me wherever I went, in places I had never been, with people who I will always care about, and the warmth I experienced heartened me deeply.

I feel blessed to have had the gift of time to spend reconnecting and creating new bonds. I will take that spent time and spread out the peace I gained long enough to tide me over until the next time I have the chance to soak up so much radiant sunshine. 


  1. "The gift of time," is so precious. Your post is a reminder that you do not have to do anything special to have a special time.

  2. What a joyful post - you discovered and rediscovered so much that is important to you. Very blessed.

  3. My favorite line from your post, "...getting to stay up late talking has a magic in it that you can't get during any daylight hour." Amen to that. So glad you were able to reconnect and create new bonds during your Texas time.

  4. I like this post because your writer's voice came out strong. I could tell you like Texas for a multitude of reasons. You wrote from the heart and shared a piece of yourself by doing so! I agree about when you connect with someone, you don't share that special moment with everyone. Some things are left to savor for just you and the other person. Barbara Brown


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