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my glad garden

As I sit down to write out a slice of my life, I ponder what to write. What should I put a macro lens on and capture with my pen? I then begin to think about the poem "God's Garden" by Robert Frost, and the answer is clear to me which garden I will tend.

My Glad Garden

There is negativity weaved throughout each day,
Yet there are also goodness, mercy, and love
That overflow the minutes and hours.
I wish to nourish and admire
The wonderful aspects keeping me full of hope.

The purpose and joy I gain
From having my children with me
And a surprising, loving friendship
I have grown to rely on are shining lights
That bring a smile to my face.
Having food and a desire
To take care of this precious body
Are two more things that make my garden glad.

A home, fulfilling job, treasured friends,
And growing faith are also part
Of the happiness that keeps me
Looking toward the sun with hope.
The charity and forgiveness
That also come my way,
Washing my heart of the dust
It has had to suffer,
Makes each day a fresh delight.

I look around me
To recognize the lovely life I lead.
I have so much.
Too much to even count.

Just south of Dallas, Texas

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glad garden


  1. This is beautiful. I love the concept of a "glad garden." I appreciate your poem because it really speaks to so much of what I've been feeling lately - an abundance of gratitude for this life I get to live.

    1. "This life [we] get to live"…yes. Thank you for the kind words.


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