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A Month's Worth of Poetry 2015

April 2015 has included the most wide range of exquisite emotions I've felt in longer than I can remember. It has had heartache, potential heartbreak, love, affection, humility, gratitude, pride in my family, accomplishment, introspection, excitement, and an overall increase in passion for life that I hope keeps on growing. I hope that as you have already read or will read each poem you feel like you experience this journey.

Thank you for your ever felt support for me as a writer, photographer, and creative being. It means everything to me.

1.  Not Ready

2.  Missing

3.  Simplicity

4.  Building Walls

5.  With You

6.  Draw Nearer

7.  Ink and Chalk

8.  Reflection

9.  Another Day

10. Ever Blossoming

11. Sunny Shore

12. Truth of the Matter

13. That Early Morning

14. Every Ounce

15. Fine Detail

16. Sunshine Faces

17. Journey

18. Joy Now

19. Emerging

20. Complementary

21. Falling

22. Invariable

23. Steady Love

24. Glad Garden

25. Loving Expressions

26. Balm

27. Night's Black and White

28. Hop the Fence

29. Beautiful Pain

30. Wanting

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