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Love and love some more. That is all I know to do. 
Change course. Change my footing.
Change, change, change. Always for me to do. 

Taking hold of my stripped heart
As if after a long journey 
But only to the halfway mark
Yet just as famished for affection
Clamoring to hold on for breath
Stammering to hold in the hurt
Choking down words I have not
The ability to speak aloud. 
There is nowhere for me 
To make safe landing
No shore to beckon me toward
Tied onto nothing 
That keeps the wind from whipping
Across the ages and furthermore.

Love. More. Knowing it resides within your core. 
Stay the course. Yet make a course correction. 
Change perspective. Love a little more. 

Never the beloved. Never the one protected. 
Move, move, move. Keeping busy to pretend
Nothing cuts so deeply that I'll never see the end.

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