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salted caramel memories

“Time passed, and pain turned to memory" (Cinderella 2015). 

The poignant elegance of this single sentence astounds. It captures beauty in the sad. It tells a thousand tales of past, present, and future. It tells my tale. 

With humbled heart, I want to give thanks for the passing of time. I've thought about how it is such a gift that it flies by the way that it does. Lamentable it is when we are having fun and people must leave temporarily or permanently or toward the next life. But oh how sweet a blessing—a tender mercy—when life is troubled. 

My slice of life today could be a cake of salted caramel, salty with sugar sweet, mixed in my mouth becoming a savory delight with tears and smiles, happiness and hope, broken wishes and an aching heart full of love. 

So full of love. I'm thankful for all the love and goodness that I do have. And I will be ever grateful that time flies by until the day that I don't because I wish I had more. 


  1. A cake of salted caramel indeed--few words with much meaning.

  2. I clicked on your link (on Twitter) because I love salted caramels. But then I read your beautiful writing and realized it had so much depth. There's a lot to be thankful for when we look carefully, isn't there?

    1. Stacey, thank you for this comment. It was a wonderful surprise to get such wonderful words almost a week later.


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