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find the light

Days piled on top of days
We go and go and go
With so much to do
So much to know and see and overcome
So much running us over
So much running us down into the ground
Pushing ourselves to try and be alive
With some days barely making it at all

If we stop to look around
Just long enough to take it all in
We can see near and far
Piles on top of piles of love
From friends
Real friends
Those who see our hearts
Those who understand
How alone we feel
Surrounded yet alone

With darkness all around
We stand saturated in light
And warmth and courage divine
Given like a gift of solid gold
A wealth of strength to keep going
From getting run over
From getting pushed out and broken
There is love threaded
Into the fabric of our souls
To be wrapped around the lonely and sad
The hearts that have grown cold
Giving them hope to borrow
To keep warm against the ravages of winter

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