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Seeking to Become - October 2016

It has been a rough time, a busy and emotional time, since the last Seeking to Become post. Reflecting on my troubles, there are many scriptures to focus on that could help me. I have been striving to strengthen my spiritual foundation as I work to understand my life's path, and I believe that sometimes it is difficult to remember where the good things come from when we have so much good and bad being thrown at us. Knowing whence good originates can help with discerning what to keep in our lives and what to cut loose. And so, this month especially, I've been wanting to sort through what is best in my life. I came across a scripture in Moroni 10:18 that has touched my heart:

And I would exhort you, my beloved brethren, that ye remember that every good gift cometh of Christ. 
It doesn't say one good gift or even some, it says every good gift. So while I'm counting my blessings this upcoming month, I will strive to be more aware of who is blessing me. Through Christ, we are able to return to live with God, and every day in every good gift, we can see how his work is making a difference. We can understand why we meet certain people and how they are gifts from God and our Savior to help us as we make our way home.

Join me this month in seeking to become more like Christ through understanding what he gives to us and how it all is for our good.

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