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no more heartburn

I made it through heartburn a day for a month day. Yes, that's vague, but that's alright. At least you know I made it through, so that should be enough.

Do you ever feel like a day lasts forever as it pulls your heart out through your throat? A day should never last that long unless you're with someone that makes you happy. That doesn't even make sense now. There are so many things to do and so much has been falling apart. So maybe these thoughts represent me finally letting go of trying to make sense of garbage that can't be understood.

I am free from the pressure that has been keeping me down, and I could not be more grateful for that. I hope everyone is having an exceptional day. I hope you're finding your way out of whatever mess you're in or helping someone out if you're doing alright.


  1. Your hopes and gratitude for what's going on right now sounds very good. One step, day by day are often the words I follow. Best wishes for your coming week!

  2. I also hope you too are having an awesome day. Writing, even if only you understand, often is a great balm.

  3. I began reading thinking about heartburn, but soon realized you were talking about something more symbolic. Glad you made it through. Here's to more days being free of the pressure, to more understanding, and to letting go of the garbage.


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