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my real self

My light rejuvenates in the sun's brilliance 
Despite the clouds that hang on 
In winter's dark months
Soaking in all I can—learning all I can

Hope burns away the darkness
Faith, devotion
Allowing myself to remember

Proving that the light will win 
Lead me to a smile
A tender mercy 
A perfect brightness

My eternal self—my real self—who I am


  1. Sorry, but I don't think the ending should have the text size getting smaller. This is your hope statement. This is your realization of who you are. Is your real self so insignificant?


    1. I appreciate your comment so much because I hadn't seen the layout issue! All looked well on my end prior to publication. I definitely agree that my real self is entirely significant! Thank you for this help!

  2. That opening line is so dynamic!


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