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accoutrements of war

Silent apathy
Holding back
Omitting the truth
Doubt unjustified
Hearing only what you want
Putting walls up to keep real love out
Leaving without saying goodbye

Being there. Simply being there.
Caring about their dreams
Loving them through their flaws
Holding yourself tightly
Instead of lashing out
Giving more than you receive
Yet somehow you receive more than you give
Even when it hurts everyone
Telling the truth
Because you want to be believed
Telling the truth
Because you want truth too
Telling the truth
Because somehow you know they deserve it
Offering trust unearned
Listening, truly listening
Speaking straight from the heart


  1. Love this. Okay call me crazy but this kind of sounds like a poem that follows the various messages of my blogs all rolled up into one beautifully written package. Or at least something similar to that? I don't know I'm terrible with poetry but I loved it :D <3


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