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picking myself up

I am afraid to dream again
Nothing I ever get my heart set on
Comes to stay

I let myself get stuck in the clouds
For too long and now I can't
Find my way

You make me so happy
I let myself be happy
I let myself dream

Only to wake up to nightmarish days
Where no one cares I'm ripping
Apart at the seams

And then I look around
Abandoned and alone
I pick myself up

Choosing joy
Choosing to carry on
Without you without anyone
But me to love

Tears stripping me of pride
Breaking my dreams like glass
Slivers festering forever

I go on
With my companion
The fear of never being loved


  1. There's such raw emotion, such deep longing, threaded through this poem with a faint flicker of hope in the words "I'm choosing joy." But I'm worried for that flicker of joy because the companion at the end is "fear of never being loved." Here's to a beautiful week, Laura!

  2. Yes, you may not have romantic love in your life right now. But do not lose hope! You have a king who loves you like no other and who will someday send you the love that you desire. He knows you and he knows the desires of your heart. Fear not; He is with you and loving you until then.


  3. Wow...your poem is so raw and full of emotion. I can't imagine what you're going through that propelled you to write this, but I do hope it gets better.


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