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To write for the sake of writing
Seems like no writing at all
Yet I find myself finding words
As I write my way onto the page
I find a tear in the armor
That was forged to keep me
Safe from all the pain
Of writing about nothing
As if it were something
Yet when I stop to let myself think
Nothing was always truly something
And still is—
Something so real you can taste it
Like cool lemonade
On a warm summer day
Something so real you can feel it
Like the velvety smoothness
Of your voice echoing in my heart
Something so real you can see it
Even if you don't want to
Something so real it cuts like a knife
Because reality wasn't enough.


  1. I feel like you really delve into your emotions when you write poetry. Like even more so than when you are just freewriting. I'm really happy that you found a medium that allows you to express yourself like this.

  2. Thank you -- that's what I want to keep in my blogging as take my SOLSC energized self back to other blogs

  3. Love your graphic for poetry month! And the way you found your words as you wrote your way onto the page.

  4. You are a beautiful poet. I am enjoying your work each day.


  5. Cool lemonade in a warm summer day 🍋 🥛


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